What You Need to Know About Replica Alexander McQueen Shoes

Alexander McQueen is one of the internationally famous fashion brands. Aside from their designer dresses that are headline-grabbing, they also have designer shoes. The brand was started by Alexander McQueen, who was born on March 17, 1969 as Lee McQueen. He is best known for mastering and using six methods of pattern cutting from the 16 century and the sharp tailoring that have become the mark of his brand’s designs.

About Alexander McQueen

The designer was born to a taxi driver but he was determined to become a top designer. He started with making dresses for his sisters even when he was still young. He went against his parents’ wish to get a normal job by dropping out of school at just 16 and apprenticing for Savile Row tailors, Gieves and Hawkes, and Angels and Bermans. He even had Prince Charles, Prince of Wales, as one of his clients during this time. At 20, he went on to work for other designers and was accepted to Central St Martin’s College of Art & Design to get his Masters Degree despite not having a formal education. The director only looked at his portfolio and accepted him for admission. He graduated in 1991.

Originals and Knockoffs

In 1992, he came into various controversies for his style in shocking the world of fashion, such as when he designed the “bumsters” and the collection he called as the “Highland Rape.” He also became the head of Givenchy in 1996 despite his name being in headlines. Although he was toned down in designer behavior, he still showed a little rebellion. In 1998, his fashion show employed car-robots spraying paint on white cotton dresses and a disabled model with wooden legs. McQueen became one of the youngest designers to receive the “British Designer of the Year” award when he did so in 1996, 1997, and 2001. He was also a recipient of the Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire.

McQueen at Gucci

In December, McQueen partnered with Gucci Group, which now owns 51% of the company though the designer, still served as the Creative Director. Among the brand’s products now are dresses, jackets, tops, bags, trousers and skirts, shoes, jewellery, accessories, scarves, and tops for women while formal wear, casual wear, knitwear, shoes, accessories, t-shirts, and Alexander McQueen Puma for men.

To match your punk, sexy look, women can wear Black Suede Baroque Punk Skull Peep-toe. A girlier pair would be the Cherry Skull Charm Flats or a pink Embroidered-skull Slip-on. There is also the Sequined-skull Ballerina Flat with a low-cut vamp, flat heel, slip-on style, and leather lining. This is of a girly style but with a dark side. For a wild, sexy look, there is the Alexander McQueen Printed Calf Hair Horn-heel Pump. It has a multicolour ocelot-print calf hair, round toe, suede-covered statement platform, low-dipped vamp, and leather sole. For a similar yet shimmering style, there is the Alexander McQueen heart Peep-toe Snake Pump.

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All the Christian Louboutin Replica Shoes You Can Find

When it comes to shoes, many women get their inspiration from the late Marilyn Monroe—“give a girl the right shoes and she will conquer the world.” Indeed, women and shoes have a symbiotic relationship where one cannot function without the other. When it comes to shoes, the designer ones always give me the kind of gasping experience akin to a lover’s first kiss. Imagine a day of frolicking with Louboutins on your toes.

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Clear Return and Refund Policy

Sellers who provide extensively clear description and information on shipping and product return and refunds policy are trustworthy ones. Steer clear of those who have no policy whatsoever of any kind. This will ensure that you can get your money’s worth out of the purchase.

If you love the strappy look, there is the Alexander McQueen Skull-detailed Braided Platform Sandals. It is a slingback shoe with braided leather straps adorned with golden nuggets and has smooth leather posts and loops.

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